The End and the Beginning…

Making every moment count…

Am proud to announce that two of my photos received special recognition recently.

One image represents my response after hearing various discussions in my daily life and the government’s poor handling of the damage and denial of all the human casualties on Puerto Rico caused by or related to Hurricane Maria.  The other images is a minimalistic retelling of some experiences I’ve had in my life.  Though very different styles, I am feeling very grateful that they were singled out.

I was relieved that “Raising Awareness of the Plight of Puerto Rico” was included among the winners of The Photos Review’s 2018 photo competition.  It was juried by Sarah Meister, Director of the Museum of Modern Art, New York in New York City. I was relieved because it meant, in my heartbroken mind, that there was hope that the complex issues revolving the situation on the Island might be understood by some.

For years I’ve admired the work in Black&White, a magazine for collectors of fine photography. Have always thought that the print quality of the magazine was excellent.  Imagine how happy I am that my photo “Stranded” was selected as one of the contest winners for the 2019 Single Image Pattern, Texture & Abstract category in issue #131. Many are surprised when I mention that this piece is a self-portrait of sorts – we all have unresolved issues in our lives, right?  LOL! There is an interesting story, which I will post in the future, regarding a quick conversation I had with NYC Street Photographer Louis Mendes about this magazine.

Strange thoughts happen when one comes to  the realization that there are less years ahead of oneself than there are behind… make every moment count.


Movement and Time

One in a series of prints from 1998 focusing on movement and time . Originally taken with a CanonA2 using tmax400 and printed on glossy ilford paper. Looking forward to finding my way back to the darkroom in 2019 ;)

Raw 2018 Exhibit

This weekend attended the opening of Raw 2018 exhibit at the Noyes Arts Garage of Stockton University. One of my photos, City in the Sky, was representing its creator in an exhibit which included 52 other artists at the Noyes Museum satellite in Atlantic City. The event was well organized and a lot of fun!

Needed a pencil

Really need to let go of my to-do list every once and a while. Though I haven’t drawn in quite some time, was inspired by a painting of abstract figures I saw on-line. Just wanted to warm up my hand a bit… and rest my mind…

Matisse is contently cat-napping by my side…

Exhibit at Noyes Museum Garage

Happy to announce that this photo is on its way to Atlantic City, NJ to be included in Raw 2018, a photography exhibit at The Noyes Arts Garage of Stockton University. The exhibition theme is “Light & Shadow: Form, Metaphor, and Culture.”
Exhibition dates: September 28, 2018 – January 27, 2019
Opening Reception: October 12, 2018, 6:00-8:00pm