QP Podcast

I think about the greater good whenever possible — even when it comes to interviews/self-promotion. It’s not just about “me and my art.” That’s extremely self-serving and not my style. I asked myself what would help people who feel stuck right now? How could I help motivate people to be their best selves regardless of the current and future challenges? It’s true, the growth is in the struggle — have had my share… but in that struggle we will find the path to fulfilling our potential. I truly believe that. ⠀

forward. ⠀
I hope you enjoy this podcast brought to you by QuestionablePersonalities. Thanks again, Alex and Boris, for the opportunity to share and hopefully inspire… ⠀
Peace ♥⠀
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Interview on TheAppWhisperer

TheAppWhisperer website has been highlighting the work of digital artists and photographers for 10 years and has quite a following. Recently I was given the opportunity to tell readers a bit about my journey so far in my first published interview. I’d like to thank Founder and Editorial director Joanne Carter for the invitation. To read the article, click here.
Image of AppWhisperer website