I focus on things or scenes that others would normally ignore in their environment – often reinterpreting and placing them under different contexts. It is a form of escapism which goes back to childhood. Abstraction is a natural tendency due to a combination of a visual impairment and a love of graphic art. Though I occasionally work in color, black and white feels natural and allows me to focus on the elements that mean most. At times it is the space between elements that attracts my attention — how they interact, whether by distance or orientation. Their story unfolds and I am drawn into it.

Though my approach stays constant, steeped in abstraction, I often like to explore social issues and reconnect with the human experience by capturing moments of daily life. Sometimes I prefer to draw or paint as a means of stepping away from technology. This respite is important for my vision to be refreshed and focus on a new project.

My equipment is simple… a digital camera (FujiFilm x100f, Canon Mark VII or my cellphone), computer with digital imaging software, archival paper and inks.

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