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I think about the greater good whenever possible — even when it comes to interviews/self-promotion. It’s not just about “me and my art.” That’s extremely self-serving and not my style. I asked myself what would help people who feel stuck right now? How could I help motivate people to be their best selves regardless of the current and future challenges? It’s true, the growth is in the struggle — have had my share… but in that struggle we will find the path to fulfilling our potential. I truly believe that. ⠀

forward. ⠀
I hope you enjoy this podcast brought to you by QuestionablePersonalities. Thanks again, Alex and Boris, for the opportunity to share and hopefully inspire… ⠀
Peace ♥⠀
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Stories in Abstract

Looking forward to exhibiting my work at Gallery-on-the-Boulevard this January, 2020. The gallery is at the library in Kenilworth, NJ and I was pleased to be invited to show and support the local arts scene!

Since it’s at a library in a community that prides itself on its industrial history, I decided to show pieces that have a similar visual connection with strong narratives attached.

Cintia Malhotra

I also enjoy the thought of more involvement with my local creative community. In these times, creating a positive community connection is more and more important.

Stories in abstract in the Suburban News


"Cintia Malhotra"

Impression of a woman and her cat [self portrait]

Thrilled to have had this image included in 2 on-line showcases and featured in an IG group focused on digital artistry! A big THANK YOU to those who chose to include it. Am fortunate to have work alongside very talented artists whose creative vision I admire. Each community offers something different in its approach and thematic vision. Click on the links below and enjoy!

Joanne Carter. Founder/Editorial Director of TheAppWisperer.com, wrote an engaging introduction about loneliness vs. solitude and the importance of raising awareness to the problems that loneliness can cause. Awesome work selected for this showcase on TheAppWhisperer website. Enjoy!

“…and the more he looked inside, the more Piglet wasn’t there” was the intoduction that Nicki FitzGerald chose for the showcase on iPhoneography Central. In this, the artist selected writes briefly the apps use and the backstory of the image. Very interesting to read!

Peter Wilkin, a moderator for the ig_artistry group, selected this photo to feature on that group’s page. This group focuses on highlighting original digital art on Instagram.